WebCenter Sites and Site Studio – Working Together?

By: Scott Olesen – Director of R&D

There have been many questions from our customers who use Site Studio concerning what they should do with WebCenter Sites – Do I use both?  Do I migrate?  What is my first step?  We have upcoming posts that can help you start deciding what to do, but whether you want to just reuse some of the information in your Site Studio data files or perform a permanent migration to WebCenter Sites, our Sites Connector and consulting services can help.

The first step in integrating the two is defining which Site Studio data files to replicate or migrate to WebCenter Sites and how they can be uniquely identified in the WebCenter Content repository.  Then, using our Sites Connector, the next step is to create a rule in WebCenter Content to handle it.  A rule consists of a query filter, destination, and an attribute map.  A query filter determines which content should be replicated or migrated, the destination determines where the content should go in Sites, and the attribute map determines how the metadata, renditions, or data file elements from WebCenter Content map to WebCenter Sites attributes.  In this example, here is a view of the rule we will use to replicate Site Studio data files to WebCenter Sites:


Here is the definition of the attribute map “CDF to Article” used in our rule.  You can see that we are mapping static text literals, data file text elements, data file image elements, and metadata values to Sites attributes using this attribute map.


After the rule is enabled, the replication originates from WebCenter Content either immediately or on the next scheduled event.  Using the Site Studio Contributor and the WebCenter Sites Contributor “Form” view we can see the results of the replication process.


Site Studio Contributor

WebCenter Sites Contributor

Here is the same page shown in the WebCenter Sites Contributor “Web” view.  You can see the use of the Subtitle, Copy, and Image File attributes in use on the website.  If our rule was left enabled and the Site Studio page updated, the changes would be replicated again and content in WebCenter Sites updated to reflect the change.


In our example we replicated metadata, static text, an image element, and text elements from WebCenter Content Site Studio to WebCenter Sites.  Our Sites Connector can also handle the replication of multiple image renditions created by digital asset management as well as be extended to handle your complex custom elements.  To learn more please contact us.

To read about our recent project performing a migration from Site Studio to Sites using our Sites Connector click here!

Click here for a demo!

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