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Welcome to the TEAM blog!

Welcome to the TEAM blog!

Jul 21, 2011 Posted by teaminformatics Customers, General, Oracle 1 Comment

Those of you who have known TEAM Informatics for a while are aware that we are the best in the business for delivering solutions for your information management problems.  However, we've been so focused on serving our customers for the last 12 years that we have not always been great about marketing and communications. In fact, you could say we were pretty lousy about tooting our own horn.

Well, things have been changing here at TEAM as we continue to grow and this is a new beginning.  TEAM has vast experience and knowledge in the technology arena and this blog is part of our commitment to employees, customers, colleagues, and partners to share that thought leadership and vision that has made TEAM such a presence in the technology solution marketplace.

We're still working out a few of the kinks, and the look and feel will definitely evolve over time, but we intend the TEAM blog to be a must-read every week, be it Oracle technology, content management, portal, or other related issues.  I'm sure we'll work in some fun stuff too. Look forward to seeing you back soon!

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