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Managing Content: Work Smarter, Not Harder - with Bookmarklets

Managing Content: Work Smarter, Not Harder - with Bookmarklets

By: Rick Katka - Application Consultant

icon-bookmarkletHave you ever had to deal with missing content? Or content where something went wrong along the way?  One of the quickest ways to work through a content problem is to use the content ID (dDocName) to find the item in WebCenter Content.  If you are tasked with troubleshooting these issues with any regularity they can become a pain.  One thing I’ve done in the past to help speed up resolution time is to create a bookmarklet for the DOC_INFO_BY_NAME service.  If you’re not familiar with bookmarklets you can read up on them here , or just follow along.  Essentially they are bookmarks for your browser that contain JavaScript to extend your browser’s functionality.  In this case we are going to create a bookmarklet for the DOC_INFO_BY_NAME service for a WebCenter Content instance that will prompt you for a dDocName and redirect you to the Doc Info page for the given item.

I created the custom bookmarklet by creating a new bookmark, then editing the URL field to the below (you’ll want to replace <WebCenter Url> and <instance name> with your appropriate variables):

DOC_INFO_BY_NAME – useful for troubleshooting content issues between revisions or environments

javascript: var docName = escape(prompt('Enter dDocName')); open('http://<WebCenter Url>/<instance name>/idcplg?IdcService=DOC_INFO_BY_NAME&dDocName=' + docName).focus();

You can also create a bookmarklet by creating a link and dragging and dropping the link into your bookmark bar in some browsers.  This is useful if you want to distribute your bookmarklet to other users.

I’ve found that the Doc Info (DOC_INFO_BY_NAME), Workflow Info (GET_WORKFLOW_INFO_BYNAME), Get User Info (QUERY_USER_ATTRIBUTES), and GET_PAGE (SS_GET_PAGE) are some of the most used services that are nice to have quick access to for troubleshooting various content-related issues.  They are especially useful if you are working in multiple environments and have to troubleshoot synchronization issues between them.  Here is a list of the above mentioned services:

GET_WORKFLOW_INFO_BYNAME – useful for troubleshooting workflow issues

javascript: var docName=escape(prompt('Enter dDocName')); open('http://<WebCenter Url>/<instance name>/idcplg?IdcService=GET_WORKFLOW_INFO_BYNAME&dDocName=' + docName).focus();

QUERY_USER_ATTRIBUTES – useful for troubleshooting user access issues.

javascript: var dName = escape(prompt('Enter dName')); open('http://<WebCenter Url>/<instance name>/idcplg?IdcService=QUERY_USER_ATTRIBUTES&IsSoap=1&dName=' + dName).focus();

SS_GET_PAGE – allows you to quickly get to pages based on siteId, nodeId.  Useful when making changes or troubleshooting large project files.

javascript: var siteId = escape(prompt('Enter siteId'));var nodeId = escape(prompt('Enter nodeId')); open('http://<WebCenter Url>/<instance name>/idcplg?IdcService=SS_GET_PAGE&siteId=' + siteId +'&nodeId=' + nodeId).focus();

Lastly, here are the bookmarklets we’ve covered as links that you should be able to drag into your browser’s bookmarks toolbar.  Before you use them you’ll need to edit them to point to your individual WebCenter Url and instance name.





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