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Content-enabling Your Insurance Business Using Oracle BPM and WebCenter Content

By: Raoul Miller - Enterprise Architect ...
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Reblog: When 'FREE' costs more in the long run: Why WebCenter often costs less than SharePoint - despite the stunning license price difference

An interesting blog post by Oracle Ace, Dmitri Khanine, about the hidden costs of a SharePoint deployment from 3rd party applications, and why WebCenter can be the right choice - costing less in the long run. ...
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GSA Connector 3.0 is Released!

Through 2012 and the first month of 2013 our R&D team has been working continuously on the Google Search Appliance to WebCenter Content Connector version 3.0, and now it’s out! We announced the release at the Google Global Partner Summit 2013. ...
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GSA Connector 2.2.1 is Out!

The Hoff Holding the Google Search Appliance ...
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Happy Holidays from TEAM

We at TEAM hope that everyone has a happy and safe holiday season and a wonderful New Year! ...
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Webcast Q&A: ResCare Solves Content Lifecycle Challenges with Oracle WebCenter

Last week we had a WebCast as part of Oracle's WebCenter in Action webcast series, "ResCare Solves Content Lifecycle Challenges with Oracle WebCenter", where customer Joe Lichtefeld from ResCare and Wayne Boerger & Doug Thompson from TEAM shared how Oracle WebCenter is powering and allowing ResCare to solve content lifecycle challenges, reduce compliance and business risks, and increase adoption of intranet as primary business communication tool. ...
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Oracle WebCast: ResCare Solves Content Lifecycle Challenges with Oracle WebCenter

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Getting to Know: TEAM's Free Custom Component Library

Dmitry Shtulman - Program Manager ...
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Webcast Series: Oracle WebCenter Content and Oracle WebCenter Imaging for Applications

Over the next three Thursdays Oracle is hosting webcasts (register and get more information here)  featuring Jamie Rancourt, Lance Shaw, and Sunthar Tharmalingam from Oracle's product team to discuss how WebCenter Content and Imaging can add tremendous value to your business processes. Find out how to extend your vision and productivity.  This webinar series has the following topics: ...
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TEAM Takes on the Oracle Social Network Developer Challenge

Wayne Boerger delivering TEAM's Solution ...
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