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GSA Connector 2.2.1 is Out!

GSA Connector 2.2.1 is Out!

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TEAM’s dedicated Product Team is incessantly working on improving the tools we create to help manage your unstructured data. For those who are unfamiliar with the Google Search Appliance (GSA), it is a rack-mounted device that provides indexing of your company’s documents while providing the familiar (yet customizable) Google Search interface to find them.

Five years ago, TEAM wanted to build the connection between Oracle WebCenter Content and the Google Search Appliance (which contains many out of the box connectors, but not for WCC). Soon after, TEAM released the first GSA Connector for Oracle WebCenter Content on the market, and it has been shaped, molded, updated, and tuned to today’s 2.2.1 version.

Some of the newest specs include: (See the Specification Sheet)

GSAConnector thumb2New Features

  • The connector can be configured to index a subset of your Oracle WebCenter Content repository using a configurable metadata filter.
  • Third party applications can now integrate with the GSA and GSA CS Connector using Universal Login. This is done using a pass-through key generated by an administrator.


  • Late binding authorization speeds were increased by minimizing the number of security authorization checks.
  • The GSA Connector was updated to support the selection of any option for “Force secure connections when serving?” under GSA SSL Settings. Those three options are:
    • No (Don’t force.)
    • Use HTTPS when serving secure results, but not when serving public results.
    • Use HTTPS when serving both public and secure results.
    • Extended the Content Index Filter to handle more complex queries based on the WebCenter Content universal query syntax.

Issues Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where WebCenter Content was not correctly authenticating a user via ADSI when using the Universal Login.

Stay tuned for Version 3.0 due to come out this January!

If you would like more information on how TEAM can help you connect to and search for your content, please contact us!

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